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An Open Platform for Everyone | Web3 Ecosystem

Lowest fee - payment is directly paid to publishers

Revolutionary Wallet Targeting Capabilites

Everyone Can Advertise - No censorship

Personalized Advertising based of Digital Identity - Innovation in ad delivery

Premium Network of Publishers

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Instant Payments | Blockchain Validated

One Click Reqistration - Available to All Publishers!

Instant Payments - Transfers instantly from advertisers to publishers automatically every hour.

No Traffic Requirements. Everyone can join!

Lowest Fees - Blockchain-Ads is an open ecosystem where publishers and advertisers can make direct deals without intermediaries resulting in lower fees.

Metaverse Traffic Monetization - The API integration compatability allows monetizing your metavese and gaming space .

New Way of Interacting With the Internet | Own part of the Ad Industry

Internet users are paid for their browsing data and can choose what ads to be served

BlockchainAds empowers you to create your first AdNFT which represents your web3 ID, and user owned web3 cookie.

Own part of the Advertising Industry - Earn on your own browsing data

Control the Ads you see -The AdNFT Profile allows you full control over your Ad Preferences

Get Paid For Every Ad You View - Regardless of where you go on the web, you will get paid for interacting with the web.

Core Features

Available to anyone anywhere.

No Censorship
100% User Privacy
Instant Secure Payment

Advertisers <-> Publishers

Intermediaries Elimination
No DSP | No DMP | No SSP
Direct Interaction
Lowest Fees

Personalized Advertising
Based on Web3 Digital Identity

Enabling users to take part of the ownership in the massive Ad industry and gain full control over thier Ad Preferences.

Onchain Targeted Advertising
Interacting with the Internet through a Wallet

Categorize, Segment and Profile Users based on their Onchain Data > And engage them !



Our project has sucessfully reached 2 milestones and currently is the best performing Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem!

Biggest P2P Ad Server - Decentralized marketplace where advertisers and publishers can interact without intermediaries

Wallet Targeting Capabilities. - Wallet users are served from the browser in real-time through the web3 dapp before being rendered to the end-user.

The Release of XADS - Blockchain-Ads Token that will serve to make payments and a governance token.

Web3 Identity based Ad Targeting. - User browsing data and all Ad Preferences owned by the user. The user is paid for his data and the advertisers have the best personalized targeting.

Integrating Metaverse - Blockchain-Ads Protocol enabling advertising and monetizing in the metaverse.


Breakdown of Token Distributions

Start Time

1 September, 2022

Token Symbol


End Time

30 September, 2022

Tokens Offered

150.0 M

Soft Cap

6.6 M


3.4 M

Hard Cap

16.0 M


Blockchain-Ads Ecosystem is only half of its full potential - developing a revolutionary way of users interacting with Ads on the web.


With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


Advisory team with years of experience in the blockchain industry.

Our Partners

Our Top Advetisers


Download the whitepaper and learn about Blockchain-Ads, the unique Advertising approach and the team/advisors.

White Paper (2021)
EcoSystem (2021)
Digital Identity Solution (2021)
Tokenomics (2021)



Below we’ve provided a bit of Blockchain-Ads, Ad Delivery, Advertising Ecosystem, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Blockchain-Ads?

Blockchain-Ads its a Web3 advertising protocol, developing a revolutionary way of user interacting with ads on the web.

No Censorship. It's a decentralized ad protocol, where everyone on the internet can advertise their product or service.

At the moment the P2P Ad Platform is is Private beta and only advertisers with $100K+ can sign up and test it.

Advertisers: No censorship, Lowest CPM, Decentralized payment, Personalized Advetising Targeting.
Publishers: Lowest fees, No intermediaries, Direct interation with the advertisers, Instant payments.
Users: Have full control of thier data, Choose what ads they want to see, Get paid for it.

What Ad formats does Blockchain-Ads support?

Image ads, HTML ads and direct ads.

The higest level of tageting capabilities is applicable and you can target on User level, Device level, Website level. More over there is an oportunity to target Extensions Users, such as MetaMask wallet users.

The native crypto token is used for all the transactions within the protocol. The simplest way for non crypto users is to use the third party tool for payment where you can choose to pay with fiat or with one of the most popular 40 different cryptocurrencies.

You can access the reporting dashboard in the platform and check all your campaigns' performance.

Is there a token?

Blockchain-Ads does not have its own Token Generating Event. Once released Blockchain-Ads native token XADS will be integrated and will be used for transactions in the platform

XADS its a ERC-20 token on the Polygon Network with its respective counterpairs in Aurora, Etherium and Solana

How can I invest in the project?

Please reach out directly to any of the team members for investment oportunities or send us an email at [email protected]

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please send an email directly to our Founder.

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