Blockchain-Ads Ecosystem is only half way of its full potential
The evolution in AdTech & BigData.

Q4 2021 Concept development

Business model and technical preparations. External ad networks accessability and integration capabilites.

Q1 2022 P2P Ad Platform - MVP
  • MVP of adserver prototype released
  • Decentralized Ad Marketplace
  • Ad Payment Module
  • Wallet targeting capabilities
Q2 2022 Web3 Cookie deployment.
  • Privacy build web3 generation of browser cookie and local storage.
  • Creating an Web3 Id for Users
  • ZK proof validation
  • Decentralized Ownership Structure
Q3 2022 Building out network of Data APIs


  • Deploying the web3 cookie
  • On-chain and off-chain data sets
  • Onchain Indexers API's
Q4 2022 Web3 hybrid Analytics
  • Inital base of users
  • On-chain and off-chain data, allowing advertisers to calculate marketing efforts ROI
  • Integration with the standard web2 Analytics
Q1/Q2 2023 Infrastructure Data Validation Layer - ZK proof
  • EcoSystem infrastructure where all data points are validated
  • Creating usedcase for current web2 solution to use on-chain immutability
  • Growth model
Q3/Q4 2023 Data Marketplace- Ivvy development
  • Revenue Shared model on browsing data
  • Structure on the Data Buying API
  • Private smart contracts
Q1 & Q2 2024 AI model integration
  • Traning and AI model to determing users behavior on and off chain
  • Ai and Machine learning for Ad campaings optimization
  • Predictive model on users future online activities