Blockchain Powered Analytics

Have you ever wonder 

Granular Insights on

The Source where users are coming from:
- Early Adopters,
- Liquidity Providers,
- Stakers,
- NFT buyers,
- Traders, 

The Platform that is most effective for your:
- Marketing Efforts and Budget
- User Acquisition
- Growth & Scale

What Channel works the best for your IDO/ICO.

What is the Channel that brought the most engaging Early Investors,

Calculate ROI on your marketing spend, based on the transactions onchain.

Compare Channels and focus your Marketing and Growth Efforts with the one giving the Highest ROI,

What is the Geolocation, Social Platform or Medium that your product, dapp, solution is most attractive and adapt your marketing efforts towards it. 

How good would it be if you can see that your Twitter account bring only 20% of the total users on your app, but high 55% of them connected their wallet, and 34% made a transaction, bought an NFT or Staked your token. 

Focus all your budget towards that channel/s that is working.                       

Match the wallets transactions onchain and the web2 user data using a web3 cookie
- to identify the Ideal users persona
- and access similar, lookalike audience
- build Profiles and personalize their experience. 

On-chain & off-chain Behavior Analytics

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